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Molecular Hydrogen

Many of the world’s leading scientists are claiming molecular hydrogen as the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH EVER discovered  in fighting the effects of aging.


Hydrogen is emerging as one of the super-molecular discoveries of the 21st century!

12 Box Minimum @ $25/box + $15 shipping.  Each box is a 30 day supply

Free shipping on 2 or more cases (12 boxes each) of Molecular Hydrogen

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Molecular hydrogen is essential to any personal wellness program.  Just imagine your life with these benefits….


  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Boost energy, mental clarity and focus

  • Slows down age-related decline in cognitive capacity

  • Stabilizes cholesterol levels

  • Decreases lactate for better athletic performance

  • Decreases recovery time after exercise

  • Supports Glucose Homeostasis (weight management)

  • Stimulates metabolism

  • Neuroprotective support

  • Anti-allergy effects

  • May even improve skin appearance

Quinton Marine Plasma
  • Restore biological terrain

  • Improve mineral balance

  • Improve autonomic nervous system

  • Improve meridian scores

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