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Who are the Designers and Educators of the HeartQuest™?

The HeartQuest (or HQ) was created out of a need to put together a practical heart rate variability (HRV) system that was visually intuitive as far as the information that is viewed by the health care provider and patient. Most HRV systems consist of numbers, dots and lines that are not interesting visually and do not give as much quality information as the HQ. The other most important of all considerations is the quality education found with HRV systems. Without this, the value of these systems is limited. With all this in mind Dr. Javdat Karimov with Dr. Michael Kessler designed an HRV system that goes way beyond any HRV that is on the market. Dr. Javdat Karimov has been investigating the research out of Russia and has found many connections between HRV and the physiology of many systems of the body as well as the connections to Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Because of this, Dr. Karimov is constantly improving the software and will continue to do so.


Dr. Javdat Karimov is an MD from Russia and an NMD or naturopathic physician in this country and has experience working with many diverse types of patients. With his involvement, it will be exciting to see this technology evolve over the next several years.


Dr. Michael Kessler is a DC who has been in private practice for 29 years utilizing functional medicine, German biological medicine techniques and a host of various modalities such as the NES, miHealth, Ondamed, Asyra, Reba, Theragem, Trinfinity 8 and many more. What he felt was lacking was a system that helps evaluate the effectiveness of these treatments. He met Dr.Karimov at a conference where he was shown some interpretive tools from Russia. These were exactly what Dr. Kessler was looking for in his own practice. What was missing was the quality education to help understand the information the HRV systems were providing. Both Dr. Karimov and Dr. Kessler have gone through the painful interpretation and translation of the research available and revised the education to create an easy to interpret guide together with video lessons to make the health practitioners’ learning curve painless.

Additional experts have been consulted to contribute to the information the HQ provides.  The HQ is unique in providing a wealth of information about the Chinese meridians and Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA, an expert acupuncturist, has contributed her expertise in this area.

Dr. Javdat Karimov
Dr. Michael Kessler
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