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Global Health Evaluation System for HealthCare Practitioners


The HeartQuest Heart Rate Variability monitor is the most advanced complimentary assessment tool available in the world today.  Our Heart Rate Variability technology enables practitioners to objectively look into the many regulatory systems of the body and see firsthand the effects of their therapies and treatment.  Unlike other heart rate variability technologies, the HeartQuest breaks down the time measurement between heart beats into very specific frequency band widths which correspond to the regulatory functions of the body.  As a result, in just 5 minutes, the HeartQuest will also display an accurate measure of:


  • Cardiovascular Adaptation

  • Autonomic Nervous System Regulation

  • Neuro-Hormonal Regulation

  • Psycho-Emotional Balance

  • Comprehensive Peak Performance

  • Meridian System Regulation

  • Ayurvedic Tri-Dosha Balance


Includes:  Software License, Applicators, Manual, Education


Cost:  $5,999.00 + Shipping & Handling


For Leasing:  Please contact Larry Guy at  (623) 251-0573

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